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QicWorks News
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Seamless Onboarding

24.05.20 09:22 AM By Karen Parker - Comment(s)
Want a seamless onboarding experience for new staff? Check all of the great features in the QicWorks Training Module.

QicWorks Global Releases: April 2020

05.05.20 08:40 PM By Karen Parker - Comment(s)
Keep up to date with the latest features and developments occurring @QicWorks. Check it out here

Super Easy TimeKeeping with QicWorks

05.05.20 05:24 PM By Karen Parker - Comment(s)
“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” Such a timely quote from Stephen R Covey especially now that QicWorks offers its Users 3 super easy ways to collect time.

QicWorks Partner Program

27.03.20 04:23 PM By Karen Parker - Comment(s)
Accountant and IT professionals, there has never been a better time to get on board as a QicWorks Partner then now.

Take the hard work out of Compliance!

17.02.20 02:09 PM By Karen Parker - Comment(s)
Take control of your safety documentation and reporting all from within your Business & Project Management system. Find out what is new with QicWorks Compliance

Looking for Job Management Software?

12.12.19 11:10 AM By Lance - Comment(s)
Tired of not knowing how profitable your jobs are? Looking to implement job management software? Then look no further....

Having problems capturing time and cost?

19.06.19 03:46 PM By Lance - Comment(s)
Reaching out to small & medium businesses who use existing software to manage Job Costs and Time. 

We would love to hear what problems you are experiencing. 
We are in the final processes of testing our new Job & Time Costing SaaS and want to make sure we have covered everyone's pain...