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03.07.20 01:44 PM By Karen Parker

The Power of Great Tech

I love offering my clients new technologies that help them run their businesses,” says Melanie Foster, owner of Beyond Business Solutions, NSW. 

“QicWorks gives us access to financial information in an instant, showing us a detailed or summarised breakdown of job costs and profits, without the need of messy spreadsheets and calculations.”

We love hearing this feedback from our partners. It reinforces that QicWorks is on the right track in offering affordable tools to businesses that promote productivity, efficiency and deliver real value. So, when we sat with Melanie and asked her about her favourite QicWorks features, we were surprised that it was the flexibility and simpleness of the platform that she and her clients were most passionate about.

Let’s take a look and break down Melanie’s Top 5:

I love the freedom to be able to create my own Purchase Order, Invoice, Job numbers

QicWorks allows users to not only set a default Prefix for all Invoice, Job, Task, Order, Expenses but now you can also manually override the system generated numbers and create your own unique document numbers.

The simpleness of how time data splits into two directions – Job Costs and Payroll!

Once time has been entered either via the Time Clock, a Timesheet or Shift Report the system will automatically use the data to load against the Job Costings as well as Payroll. Single entry data automatically settles into these two separate business functions – no more duplication, or multiple and erroneous entries.

I cannot believe there is no chunkiness when it comes to having multiple entities on the one account

“Having previously tried other clunky programs and spreadsheets to manage job costing for our clients, QicWorks has streamlined our whole process. We have now halved the time spent processing and filing paperwork" says Melanie

Having multiple entities also allows you to ‘borrow’ resources between your companies in times of need. QicWorks allows users to have multiple organisations managed from within the one account interface saving our users time, money and effort.

But don’t worry - when it comes time to pushing your Payroll or accounts payable and receivable to your accounting package, your costs settle against the entity that actually incurred the transaction.

I don’t have to make any manual changes to the Chart of Accounts entered on orders or invoices when I import into Xero

QicWorks uses direct API integration into Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. When you set up your QicWorks account you can pull across your Chart of Accounts and because the data is like for like, when you push your invoices, expenses or purchase orders across, you know that they will automatically match.

Did I mention the paperless filing of purchase orders and invoices?

“Progress Claims and invoicing can be done in minutes rather than hours. We now have invoicing and purchase order solution that offers paperless filing and processing that fully integrates with Xero” says Melanie.

Yeap -  we have that covered too. Any time you push your orders, expenses or invoices across to your accounting software we also take a copy of the backup documentation, all within the one file. Choose from adding a detailed breakdown of the invoice calculation, any shift reports or receipts applicable, even those special files you have attached.

Melanie and the team certainly know their stuff when it comes to sorting out all of their client’s day to day bookkeeping needs. The team at Beyond Business Solutions can handle all items relating to payroll, Superannuation, and ATO reporting requirements on behalf of their clients, giving business owners more time to run their business.  Melanie and the team know that technology should work within your processes to create a seamless flow for your business. In doing so they will match the best software and apps to ensure your processes are measurably improving outcomes for your business.

“QicWorks is the solution we have been searching for, our clients couldn’t be happier.”

It is so great to have partners like Beyond Bookkeeping Solutions as part of the QicWorks family. Together we can use the power of technology to transform how you do business.

QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions

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