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QicWorks Partner Program

27.03.20 04:23 PM By Karen Parker

Get on board and reap the rewards

If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or IT specialist then there has never has there been a better time to get on board as a QicWorks Partner than now. 

QicWorks has been created to help you and your clients streamline business management.  Our vision is to work with you to assist in growing your business, as well as allowing you to become an industry leader when it comes offering the latest software technology to your clients. 

With the combined power of QicWorks and your skills, our joint customers will unlock even greater productivity and profitability.

We solve the hard problems that matter to your customers

QicWorks is a cloud-based Business Management solution. It offers flexibility, mobility and complete business transparency. The application focuses on single entry data that effortlessly flows through job or project management, invoicing, accounts, payroll and compliance, replacing labour intensive and error prone manual calculations, legacy paper systems or the need for multiple software applications.

QicWorks is the ultimate tool when it comes to business management across the building, construction, infrastructure and health care sectors. Designed for businesses with 10 – 500+ employees, QicWorks has the user’s experience at the forefront. This ensures meaningful field data is collected and effortlessly flows through your business processes.

Check out our Top 5 features, as voted by one of our partners and see how QicWorks is your complete Business Management system.

Our Partner Program has benefits galore 

Yes QicWorks is awesome, but what’s in it for you. As a QicWorks partner you will receive access to applicable benefits including 

  • partner only events, information, tools, training and support, 
  • dedicated business relationship manager
  • access to your own QicWorks account including sandbox access for demonstration purposes
  • cast your vote for future features, that make your job even easier

But it doesn’t end there. We have a very transparent fee structure that ensures you are not out of pocket when onboarding and supporting your existing or new clients, as they migrate to QicWorks.

QicWorks allows accounting professionals to access more operational insights into their client’s business, ensuring the right advice is given every time. 

Partner with Qicworks and see how together we can use the power of technology to transform how you and your clients do business.

QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions

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