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QicWorks Global Releases: September 2020

12.10.20 12:56 PM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

September has been a busy month for the QicWorks team as we focused our attention on the flexibility of our job cost reporting.

After hearing such great feedback about the additional flexibility of our new Time Approval screen, we knew we had to keep the momentum going. This month we saw the release of additional functionality within our Edit Billable Costs page, added ability to filter job costs by task, as well as offering full integration with Xero for leave management.

Offering our customers’ a flexible, simple, streamlined job management solution is our primary goal and we certainly can’t do it without you. As such we now a comprehensive wish list of extra enhancements, possible works modules and system ‘cheats’ that will make QicWorks of Job Management. This list is full of some truly fantastic items from our community, that we hope to include in future global releases. Thank you again for all your input – please keep your ideas coming.

Product news this month includes the following streamlines, designed to further enhance your experience.

  • Leave module integration with Xero
  • Change Task status
  • More flexibility within Edit Billable Costs screen
  • Sub totals on Actual and Billable Reports
  • Job cost split by task
  • Display WBS parent node names in Task


Leave Integration with Xero

Setting up leave management if connected with Xero is effortless. QicWorks uses leave data from Xero and reports back any entitlements taken during a pay period.

Once you pull your paycodes you can then select which leave categories you would like to see within QicWorks. Using the leave category, QicWorks will then pull the current leave balance for individual Staff and display it on their Timesheet and Time Approval screens. Note: Leave balances are only visible to QicWorks Users with Manager and above approval permissions.

Once the time entry has been approved by Manager and Payroll personnel, the hours taken will then push direct to Xero as part of payroll processing, saving you time.

We have also included a comprehensive leave report, visible to payroll personnel, showing leave entitlements for individuals.

 Don’t forget to head over to Time Management under Business>Settings and set your account to capture future time entries or auto calculate leave entitlements, in between pay runs, within QicWorks.

Change Task Status

Previously if you were in Job Management you needed to be in edit mode for an individual task to change its status.  After receiving feedback from our client base, we have now added ‘Change Status’ functionality to each task from within the Job’s Task List. Simply click on the Control icon under Action and select Change Status for that Task.

Edit Billable Costs

You may have noticed additional functionality added to our Edit Billable Costs screen. Accessible from within each Job, Edit Billable Costs is found under the Financial Menu.

Here you can edit actual and billable hours and rates, add ad hoc items with all edits automatically updating that specific Jobs Actual, Billable and Profit reports. Note: Purchase order, expense or creditor credit note quantities or values can not be edited on the Edit Billable Costs report. You will need to open the original document, revert it to draft, edit and reissue to capture these changes.


Sub totals on Actual and Billable Reports

You may have noticed that similar to your Edit Billable Cost report, your Job and Task Actual and Billable Reports now have subtotals at the header of the page. These totals show you costs by Resource, Materials and Purchases, split by Quoted or Rates works.


Job Costs at Task level

QicWorks now allows you to view job costs by Task.  Task Actual, Billable and Hours report can be viewed by simply navigating to that task, and then clicking the relevant report name from within the Report menu – left of screen.

Click on the printer icon to print your report in pdf format.

Display WBS Parent Node name in Task

We were recently talking to a customer who utilises a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that has similarly named children nodes, that appear under different parent nodes. As QicWorks was only showing the child node name and its prefix numbering, it was making it difficult for Staff to remember which child node matches to its parent.  To combat this the team have now implemented coding that shows you the path to that child node.


This feature is available in Task setup/edit modes with a view to roll out to purchase orders, expenses and invoicing in the future.


Sneak Peek at Next Month

October will see the team focusing on the little things that can make the biggest impacts. We will be looking at how we can save users time by automating more work processes, generate more business insights from our reports and deliver further flexibility within our job templates.

Works scheduled for future development include:

  • Payroll approval UI for fortnightly pay runs
  • Improvement works to our Job Schedule, Job Planner and Assigner tools
  • Ability to invoice jobs based on a percentage
  • Continued roll out of system helpfiles and troubleshooting knowledge base

Please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.

QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions

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