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Supercharged - Asset and Job Management Software

22.11.21 10:50 AM By Karen Parker

Take Your Asset Management to the Next Level

Sick of tools going missing? Constantly struggling to remember when vehicle maintenance or registration is due? Perhaps your team has been caught out on site with an electric drill that needs a test and tag retest? Then you need asset management.

Asset management software (AMS) provides construction and building companies with a holistic view of an asset's lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. It is a centralised place in which you can track, manage, maintain and ensure compliance of all your plant and equipment.

If you thought you needed to own a fleet of vehicles to justify having an asset management system, then think again. A comprehensive AMS can manage everything from your power tools, fire and safety equipment, rigging and lifting equipment, specialised instrumentation, PPE or even your customer’s plant maintenance.

Sure, you might be able to use multiple spreadsheets to track your plant and equipment, but being having an asset management system that fully integrates with your job management platform gives you the following advantages:

  • Instantly know who, where and what job the equipment is on
  • Confirm user competency
  • Access historical movements and schedule for future works
  • Set automated maintenance and compliance alerts  
  • Remove unnecessary paper audits & inspections
  • Undertake bulk updates
  • Access user manuals, parts lists and service records including images

QicWorks Asset Management module has also been designed to:-

Stop Theft!

Thousands of dollars are lost every year by construction businesses when equipment goes ‘missing.’ While it may be harder to steel a 22T excavator, there is no shortage of stories about missing, broken or “I gave it to Garry last week” incidents that result in power tools disappearing from the companies possession.

Location registers are a great way to quickly determine who, where and what job plant has been assigned to.  QicWorks asset location register allows you to search for equipment either by person (Assigned) or worksite (Location.)

Zap It!

The QicWorks companion app due for release in 2021 will include functionality to capture barcodes, QR and RFDI codes ensuring you can capture plant transfers and history from the field, workshop or office, all within a click.

Having access to this information within the palm of your hand is certainly convenient. Plant transfers can also be handled with ease. You can even update the condition of the asset and capture imagery on hand over, providing you with instant gratification (and proof) that the item was in condition for service and that you are no longer responsible for that item.

Customisation You Need!

Flexibility is everything with QicWorks and this is certainly extended to our Asset module. Here users can create their own categories, subcategories, frequency, statuses and reminder settings. Our Asset Register can then be filtered by your settings, as well as asset location or person(s) assigned, so you can dive deeper into your data.

Categorising your construction tools provides a faster way to define your search criteria as well as manage your routine maintenance. Some examples of grouping or categorising are:



Heavy Machinery


Pad Foot Roller

Water Tanker


16T Franna

30T RT Crane

Tower Crane

Lifting Equipment

Soft Slings

Chain Hoist


Sheave Blocks

Power Tools

Battery Drill

Hammer Drill


Orbital Sander

4’ Grinder


You can even create your own inspection checklists complete with questions that are relevant to you. Questions are created and then assigned to a question set (form) of your choice. This is super handy when you have questions that are applicable to multiple asset types. For example: The question “Is the vehicle suitable for the intended load?” may be applicable to both your Load Risk Checklist as well as your Trailer Pre-use Inspection checklists. 1 question – 2 checklists.

Maintenance Visibility!

Routine asset maintenance is known to not only improve on site performance, but also ensures longevity of your plant and machinery.

The QicWorks Asset matrix ensures you have complete visibility of when warranty expiration, servicing, testing & tagging, calibration, or pressure testing are all due. This information is then automatically linked to your notification settings so you will be alerted when upcoming maintenance is required.

Fast Import & Updates!

Remove data duplication by downloading our template to bulk import or update your plant and equipment details. Assets are loaded within our materials table either through cost management within our account settings or your Inventory Module.  Even existing materials loaded can be included within your asset’s module simply by ticking the asset checkbox.

You can even capture assets that are not on charged to your clients (Internal Asset Tracking.) This feature is super handy for managing items such as office or workshop equipment (such as computers, forklifts, lathe, CNC machines or presses) that are not used directly on specific work fronts.

You can even import additional information such as financing, purchase, replacement and disposal prices, engine and VIN numbers and much much more.

Fast Reporting!

Take advantage of your live asset dashboard, where you can find the current for value and quantities of your assets, as well as see real time transfers of plant amongst your teams. There is nothing better than having the right answers at your finger tips to help you make the right decisions.

Or take a deeper dive into your Submissions page to see the latest condition of your plant and equipment as your assets move from job to job or team member to team member.


Take your asset management to the next level by combining it with your job management platform.

QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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