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How to Build High Performance Team

04.08.22 04:36 PM By Karen Parker

4 Tips to Building a High Performance Team

Looking for skilled workers? You are not alone, with almost one third of Australian businesses unable to fill the 423,000 vacancies that are currently on offer.

Arguably there are a number of factors driving this event, from;

  • a skills mismatch ie those applying for the job do not having competent vocational training for the position, 
  • a dramatic reduction of and accessibility to migrant workers,
  • an increase in retiring workforce,
  • an increase in transient workers, as they seek better employment conditions, or
  • workers gaining employment through word of mouth instead of formal application processes.

With so many opportunities available, business owners are not only looking at how they lure staff, but more importantly how they can retain staff in order to remain operational. In this blog we are looking at how company culture and behaviours can help foster, build and retain high performing teams.

Step 1: Start with your systems and processes

Before you even consider hiring more people, make sure your business can support not only the new employees needs, but the needs of their assigned team members. Start by reviewing your back-office processes. Make sure they are streamlined, orderly and quickly accessible. That your onboarding, offboarding and work processes are up to date and communicated/known by all stakeholders.

Being able to provide new employees with access to your digital job platform, not only;

  • enables for real time data collection and consistency (which is great for business reporting and analytics)
  • ensures your team has all the information they need at the workfront,
  • reduces the number of touch points by office personnel,
  • reduces hardware costs (as it seems everyone today has access to a smart phone),
  • enables to you to implement agility in times of change, ensuring business sustainability and longevity,
  • as well as providing that WOW factor to dazzle your new hire with.

Think about what the new employee needs from day one. Whether it is safety training, specialized tools, workspace setup or just scheduling time out for friendly introductions. By combining your job management platform with a training module, not only will you see a cost benefit but this combination will also further enhance your user’s experience. To find out more tips and tricks for effortless staff onboarding, check out our blogs.

Step 2: Build strong leaders

We have all experienced working in a team that has had an undertone of friction amongst team members or was unsettled due to company or project uncertainty or even stressed out due to high output demands. Strong leadership comes from being able to prompt cooperation, instead of competition.

High performing teams are inspired by leaders who can create energy and enthusiasm within the team. This leadership style in turn encourages, inspires and rewards workers who go that extra mile. Often these leaders will set stretch goals or KPI’s that drive teams to accomplish extraordinary, seemingly ‘impossible’ feats, which in turn deliver a profound sense of accomplishment and pride.

Ultimately, your team leaders need to be trusted. Workers trust managers they like. Trust is further built on through the leaders know knowledge and expertise, as well as consistency. Without this trust team members will have a reduced satisfaction, engagement and commitment to their work.

High performance team leaders keep everyone informed, up to date and on track. They do this by promoting open communications, as well as reinforcement and encouragement of team goals, deliverables and the company’s vision. This communication and transparency also goes a long way to help building trust.


Step 3: Focus on your culture

Attracting the right staff member is no longer determined by your set pay rate. Instead workers are looking at company culture, brand, ethics, sustainability goals, personal and professional development and work/life balance including the possibility of reduced work days, remote working opportunities or start/end time flexibility.

Perhaps shifting your focus from top down to a bottom up approach will help promote worker discussion, inclusion and ownership of company processes, policies and procedures

Providing a supportive workplace culture will reduce worker stress and increase their engagement and productivity.

Step 4: Hire fast – Fire fast

Planning is key to winning this war on talent!

If you know that you have a new project or busy period scheduled ahead, start your hiring process early. That way your new team member(s) will have the time they need to completely understand their role and responsibilities, team dynamics, company’s safety standards and scope of works – Ready to hit the ground running from day one.

With so much demand at present for skilled labour, if your candidate appears to have the right fit, attitude and skills – be sure to snap them up and quickly!

Instead use your employment trial period to fully vet their work ethics, values and how they fit within your business. Leaders should use this time to monitor individual worker experiences, skills, ethics, attitudes and interactions with others and then leverage these attributes to build high performing teams.

No business owner likes wasting money! There is nothing worse than paying for advertising, uniforms, training and payroll compliance, just to find out that worker is not the right fit. However, consider the costs associated with keeping them on. Investigate the costs associated with decreased staff moral, reduction in team performance and productivity, increases in rework and loss of company reputation caused by retaining this worker.

So, if they are not right, let them go as soon as possible. (Don’t forget to use your recently reviewed offboarding processes for an easy transition.)

There is a lot of hard work involved in building and maintaining high performance teams. Not only do high performance teams drive output that delivers profitability to your business but their positive energy and success would not be possible without the consistency and commitment from their leaders. And what better way to reward everyone’s efforts then to celebrate with cake.


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