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Create and print my own barcode & QR codes

21.02.22 09:42 AM By Karen Parker

The Benefits of Bar, QR & RFID codes to your Stock and Asset Management

Bar, QR and RFID codes are a great way to quickly identify and manage your stock, plant and equipment.

It really is remarkable how such a simple item, like a bar, QR or RFID code, can deliver huge cost and time savings to your construction, fabrication and site installation business.

These codes remove the reliance on staff to remember hundreds or even thousands of product SKU (stock-keeping unit) numbers. They can be used to help keep track of how much stock is currently on hand, identify what that strange widget is, who has the caddy welder in their possession or even what job it has been assigned to.

That is why when we made QicWorks, we made sure this technology was incorporated in our inventory and asset management modules.

The best bit is - you don’t even need to buy fancy new scanning hardware to access this feature! Simply download the QicWorks companion app (available in Android and iOs,) capture an image of the barcode, QR or RFID code and have everything you need to know about that item right in the palm of your hand.

QicWorks uses bar, QR and RFID codes to:

1.  Eliminate human error – There is nothing worse than erroneously transposing data. Instead save time (and effort) by using your smart device to capture an image of your code and let QicWorks find the stock or asset details for you.

2.  Increase business efficiencies – It only takes seconds to capture your code! Save administrative time, and let your team focus on the work at hand.

3.  Identify, assign or transfer your stock or assets in an instance.  Use your codes to quickly identify what that item is, allocate materials direct to your jobs, or transfer plant and equipment between staff (or jobs)

4.  Prove you are an innovative business with a vision to scale. 

And it only takes 2 steps to implement your barcode, QR or RFID system with QicWorks!

Step1 - Code creation (which is super easy.)

QicWorks users can batch enter their existing codes, use the manufacturers SPC code, or create their own unique codes using our materials import/export sheet.

Alternatively, these details can be entered individually within each materials interface.

Why not take the hassle (and risk of duplication) out of code creation and instead use our inbuild code generator!

Here you can choose if you would like QicWorks to create bar codes, QR codes or both for you.  Just remember that if you have existing material or plant codes in QicWorks, that you do not want updated, then you will need to temporarily mark these items as inactive, create your codes and then reactivate the deselected materials again.

Our barcode, QR and RFID code fields are all separate fields to our material SKU or Asset numbers. This means that now you have even more flexibility when it comes to searching for your items.

Barcodes within QicWorks can be up to 13 numbers, whereby QR and RFID codes can contain numbers and letters.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use only barcodes, QR codes, RFID codes or a combination of all three. QicWorks uses the details from your captured image, to search all code types, and quickly identify your items.

We even have warnings in place advising you of a duplication of codes.

Step 2 – Print and Distribute

Before you start printing you barcodes, you should consider what type of label is right for your business. 

Do you require longevity of the label? Will the label come into contact with abrasion, wearing, chemicals, heat, liquids or outdoor conditions such as dust and dirt, humidity or extreme temperatures?

Whether you have one or 100 codes to print… Regardless of if you have an inhouse printer or are looking to outsource your printing, our print feature has you covered

Simply select which item(s) codes you wish to print and then click print to send these details to your printer or export to download these details, into an excel file for external printing.

Did you know that QicWorks also assigns a unique QR code to each QicWorks User to help with identification?

If you are looking to increase staff engagement or accountability, regain greater control over stock levels, want to know in real time where your assets are located, or perhaps you are looking at possible future growth opportunities, then barcodes, QR codes or RFID’s really can provide a fantastic ROI, saving you time and money.

Are you interested in a particular feature, have an idea or need support, why not drop us a line.


QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.