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QicWorks Global Releases: February 2020

17.03.20 01:31 PM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

It certainly has been a full-on month for the QicWorks Team.  Check out the latest updates for building and construction professionals and advisors, plus a sneak peek at what’s coming soon.

Recent Releases

  •  Digital Form Builder
  •  Compliance Module
  •  Cost, Billable and Job Financial Summary Reports
  •  WIP Calculator
  •  Expedite filter for Purchase Orders
  •  Dropbox integration
  •  Email file integration

Digital Form Builder

Use the inbuilt no code digital form builder to transform your paper forms into digital masterpieces. Create audits and checklists, compliance documents, safety and business documentation. Choose from voice to text,  GPS, digital signatures, barcode scanners and media components.

Once created your forms are automatically pushed to your Team’s app.

Compliance Module

Keep on top of staff compliance with the dynamic compliance matrix. Send training sessions to your Team to complete before coming to site. Once completed, their results are automatically updated within the compliance matrix. We have also included flexibility so you can set how your Supervisors, session creators and participants receive notification for missing or expiring compliance.

As an added feature you can set compliance requirements at Task level, ensuring you have the right person on the job everytime.

Cost, Billable and Job Financial Summary Reports

Know exactly how profitable your jobs are with our inbuilt Cost, Billable and Job Financials Summary Reports.

WIP Calculation

We have now implemented our Work in Progress reports. QicWorks gives management the flexibility to calculate their earned value based on job percent complete reported by your Team or use the inbuilt calculator. Don’t wait until end of month to calculate your WIP. Simply select your end date from our calendar and QicWorks will do all the hard work for you.  Take a snapshot in time to compare your journey.

Expedite Purchase Orders

We have upgraded our purchase order filters to show open orders with outstanding deliveries. Simply export to excel or pdf and keep on track of your deliveries.

Coming Soon

March is also shaping up to also be a big month, with many features already in final testing stages and due for release in the coming weeks, including:

  • Mobile App Upgrade
  • Account Setup Wizard
  • Complete HSEC module
  • Mobile App Upgrade

We are looking at releasing an upgrade to our QicWorks app.  You will now be able to complete your digital forms, enter time for individuals or teams, create Purchase Orders on the go or take a photo of your expense receipts which will automate your data entry and expense management direct into QicWorks.

Account Setup Wizard

Use our templates to make uploading your data into QicWorks effortless. Our onboarding wizard steps you through the process ensuring all data is captured. A great time saver if you are transitioning from an existing software package.

Dropbox Integration and Email Configuration

When your account is set up, you will be issued with a designated QicWorks email address. Simply cc in this address on your correspondence, include the Job, Invoice, Purchase or Expense number in the subject line and QicWorks will automatically file a copy of this invoice in the relevant integrated Dropbox folder.

Don't forget that we love hearing your feedback, and if you have any ideas on how we can make your QicWorks experience even better, please drop us a line at admin@qicworks.com

QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

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