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MYOB Integration | QicWorks

15.11.21 10:18 AM By Karen Parker

QicWorks - Building your Business with MYOB

Together we can help you build your business.

Integrating your QicWorks account with MYOB means you have everything at your fingertips to manage your construction business- from estimate to accountant. 

Being able to provide your key stakeholders with real time, accurate financial data means that you can stay on top of your cashflow, have the confidence to make strategic long term decisions and measure exactly how successful your business is.

This is especially true with the QicWorks MYOB partnership. Now you will be able to use single source data, from both applications, so that you can interrogate and understand your business numbers fast.

Secure, fast, accurate data exchange– the perfect partnership!

QicWorks connection with MYOB is via a secure API integration. This means that you can effortlessly push and pull your data directly between your two accounts. Not only does this integration save you time (by removing data entry, duplication and manipulation) but it also ensures data standardisation.


When setting up your QicWorks account, users can pull across Staff details, Contacts (Suppliers and Customers,) Pay Codes, Tax Rates, Chart of Accounts and MYOB Categories, which means that you can complete 70% of your QicWorks setup requirements in under 15 minutes.


As our integration is two way and on demand, QicWorks is then able to push back to MYOB your business data (Purchase Orders, Bills and Expenses, Invoices and Payroll) so you have faster access to account reconciliations, accurate financial reporting such as profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheets, as well as complete your taxation and compliance requirements.


Business Your Way

At QicWorks we love being able to provide our users with the flexibility, freedom and simplicity they need to conduct their business their way. As such, we made sure that we included the capability to select which invoice format (Service or Item) you wish to send to your MYOB account.


As an extra auditing function, QicWorks sends your business data to MYOB in draft status ready for processing. We have also removed the need to update your invoice status in QicWorks to paid, by automating this function. Talk about an awesome time saver!


Taking care of your team!

QicWorks has been designed to take the hard work out of complex payroll.  Simply create your own payrules and watch as our inbuilt algorithms automatically calculate your team pay rates based on the Job’s employment conditions.


Your payroll data is then pushed across to MYOB removing your payroll stress and saving you data entry time.


We use your employees first name, last name and their payroll email address to as the employee’s unique identifier. We then automatically populate their timesheet with their daily hour worked, any leave taken and allowances applicable. MYOB will then finalise their pays, including calculating and reporting employee tax obligations, recalculating leave accruals, creating batch payments and issuing payslips to your staff.


When it comes to payroll flexibility QicWorks has you covered. Our connection allows you to push to data regardless of whether you conduct a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay run.


 A Fresh Approach for your Business

Want to create two (2) QicWorks organisations and push/pull data to only one (1) MYOB account? No problem at all. This can easily be setup when connecting your QicWorks and MYOB accounts.


As you can see, integrating your QicWorks account with your MYOB account means that now your financial stakeholders can gain deeper insights into your operations. Now they will be able to use real time data to help discover more opportunities to improve and build your business. 

What to know more? Why not head over to the MYOB Marketplace where you can find out more about how together QicWorks and MYOB can save you time, money and stress.

QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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