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QicWorks App Upgrade V3.2.1

21.01.22 11:01 AM By Karen Parker

Work Smarter with the New QicWorks App

At QicWorks, we love nothing more than being able to use data collected right from the work front to provide a real time, accurate picture of how successful your building and construction business is.


Let’s face it! No one knows the job better than the guys and girls who are actually completing the work. So it makes sense that they should be armed with the latest digital technologies available to help you stay informed, in touch and in control.


The QicWorks companion app has undergone a complete makeover. It now has a fresh look and dynamic interface. We have incorporated all sorts of great tech such as voice to text, image annotation, GPS locations, Google Maps, as well as inbuilt smarts such as more prepopulated fields, easy document access and storage and greater flexibility around user permissions and settings.


Our goal is to deliver an app that your team want to use. One that is not complicated or data heavy. An app that allows them to spend as little time possible on paperwork and more time on the job at hand.


The QicWorks App certainly includes some really awesome flexibility, such as the;

  • Ability to capture time data 4 ways; Task Timer, Kiosk Mode, Timesheets (Group or Individual) or Shift Reports
  • Access your unique digital ID (QR code)
  • Ability to capture job photos or materials used without having to complete a shift report
  • Allocate User permissions at app level
  • Data security allowing for 1 device to be shared between many users
  • Create a single purchase order in the field for items, and assign the materials to multiple jobs
  • Use the latest in barcode and QR technologies to complete stocktakes and Asset Audits & Transfers in a click
  • View not only the Jobs I am assigned to (My Jobs and Roster) but also see where other staff members are assigned (Job List)
  • Access Documents in online and offline modes from within a Shift Report and from the Library
  • Central Media storage which holds all imagery captured throughout the app.
  • Submit leave requests, and
  • Use our inbuilt chat feature to stay in touch with the team.


QicWorks allows account administrators to control who and what their staff members can see and do within the app. These settings are controlled at account level (Under Business>Settings>Mobile App Settings) as well as at User Level (under Business>Staff>select Staff Member>Mobile App Permissions.)

So lets dive deeper and see how QicWorks can make job management easier for you.

Our New Task Timer

The release of the QicWorks app has seen the inclusion of a Task Timer. Located on the main menu bar the Task Timer is a great tool for clocking time direct to a job. Simply click the Start button, and then use the Pause and Stop buttons to capture billable time. Once stop has been selected, Users are then prompted to assign the time to a Job/Task. The jobs list can be filtered by Customer first to help save time. Naturally we have included functionality so that users can edit this time entry before submitting it. On Lock the time entry is time and location stamped and converted into a Timesheet, that is submitted (pushed) to the office for processing.

What’s New with Timesheets

Mobile app settings can also be used to activate additional features within your timesheet. Now you can allow Users to add expenses, allowances, book materials, take notes or capture images all from within their timesheet.  You can also set whether that that User can create timesheets for themselves only or on behalf of a group.

Shift Reports now have a Document Library

The new Shift Report interface now includes the ability to access or download business and job documents.  These documents are accessible from within the Shift Report (for job specific files) as well as within the App menu (for all documents.)

Use the webserver or desktop application to assign digital or safety forms that must be completed, to the job so that staff can complete them via the App Shift Report.

We have still retained all of our great Shift Report features such as Milestones, Checklist items, job progress, voice to text, GPS locations, digital signatures and the ability to save the document for editing prior to submission. Now you can even allocate time to resources who were not originally assigned to that particular Job/Task.

Again, use the App Permission settings to control if you would like the document and digital form Library visible or to capture expense, allowances or book materials via the Shift Report.

1 Purchase Order – Many Jobs

How many times have you been caught out at the hardware store, with only one purchase order, but a need to procure a number of items across multiple jobs? This is a problem you will no longer have with the QicWorks App.

Users can now create a single purchase order and allocate the material items to a number of jobs, add admin notes, allocate a budget, show the price on the purchase order, and capture costs inclusive and exclusive of GST. You can then share/email this order to your Supplier all from within their store.

Stay connected

Use the QicWorks Message function to send and receive communications between your teams. Messages can be sent either one to one user or as a broadcast to all team members. Messages are accessible in both the desktop and the companion app. Users are notified they have received a message via push notifications or a pulsating red dot that appears on the Message button with the webserver.

While this communication tool is informal, it is recorded for historical records.

Dynamic Roster

Say goodbye to late night texting! Use the QicWorks roster and know where you are working daily, weekly or monthly.  This roster is very dynamic and reactive, simply sync your device to capture the latest scheduling changes.

This roster is also linked with QicWorks leave management and will block out any days/times you have approved leave allocated to.

If you have activated some QicWorks modules you will be able to also complete and submit:

Digital Forms – created using our dynamic digital form builder

Asset Audits – create audit questions sets for prestart and scheduled inspections. Capture notes, imagery and resources involved with that audit.

Asset Transfers – use the QR, Barcode and RFID scans to quickly transfer plant and equipment between staff members. (To allocate Assets to a Job use the Materials menu.)

Stocktake – Identify and count stock using the QR, Barcode and RFID scans. Capture notes and imagery and update bin locations at the same time.

The QicWorks app has been designed to bring your field workers, office and managers closer together, in turn allowing everyone to work safer, faster and more efficient than ever before.

The QicWorks App is free to download at:

Google Play :  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.qicworks&showAllReviews=true

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/qicworks/id1475202478

Note: Are you an existing QicWorks App users? Please delete the old QicWorks app and then install/download App version 3.2.1

Are you interested in a particular feature, have an idea or need support, why not drop us a line.


QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.