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QicWorks Global Release: April 2021

04.05.21 10:16 AM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

We believe there is nothing better than having a job management platform that can grow as you do. 

At QicWorks, our goal is to deliver a flexible, simple job management platform that removes the need for multiple applications or spreadsheets to run your business.

We know that in order for businesses of today to thrive we need to improve efficiencies by removing duplication, manual processes and keystrokes and instead use single entry data to its fullest.

This month the team have focused on continuing to build our library of modules, with the release of our inventory module. By integrating your QicWorks job management system with our inventory module means your material data will now effortlessly flow from your jobs through to purchasing (via inventory,) giving you complete control and visibility of over stock levels and ultimately your cashflow

April also saw the team deliver the following QicWorks enhancements, many of which have been requested from our community.

  • Release of Inventory Module
  • Ability to push both Service and Item & Service invoice formats to MYOB
  • Job Financial ‘blue bar’ – additional measurements
  • Creation of Paid status for Expenses
  • Minor debugging within leave management

Inventory Module

Incorporating the inventory management module with your QicWorks account means that now you have greater control over your materials. Having a robust and reliable inventory management system means that you can protect your company from stock fluctuations, free up your cashflow and ensure you have the right items on hand to meet your client’s needs.

Simply enter or upload your material information once either by adding an ad hoc material to a job, direct in your pricing tables or the Inventory Module and watch as it appears throughout the QicWorks application.

The QicWorks Inventory module allows you to manage:

  • Stock reorder points; set maximum, minimum stock levels and minimum reorder quantities 
  • Preferred suppliers and pricing; used to prepopulate your purchase orders
  • Automatically create purchase orders to replenish calculated shortages either by individual stock item or all understocked items by a Supplier
  • Create composite (or kits) items
  • Create picking and packing lists
  • Assign bin locations; including stock dimension and weight details (Handy information when ordering transport.)

To find out all the details please see our QicGuide Series: Automated Inventory Management or contact the QicWorks team at support@qicworks.com

Push Service and Item & Service invoices to MYOB

Previous coding has allowed MYOB users to push these two styles of invoice formats to MYOB, but there was a need to manually change your MYOB account’s invoice style prior to pushing from QicWorks. We have now improved this coding to remove this manual process, thus enabling your invoice to automatically push across regardless of which style was used last.

Note: Your MYOB account must be cloud based and version 2021.1 or higher.

Job Financial Blue Bar – Additional Measurements

We love hearing your feedback about how we can improve QicWorks, especially when it comes to making your data more visible for you.

April saw a number of requests come in for additional performance indicators to be included within the job’s financial ‘blue bar.’ This scope of works included the ability to set view permissions based on user permissions.

Account Owners can now view the following measurements from their job blue bar:



Quoted Value

This is the job’s total Quoted (lump sum) Value

Rates Value

The total Billable (charge out) value of all rates works undertaken on this job to date

Actual Value

The total Actual value (Net cost) of works plus overhead allowance to date

Actual Hours

The sum of all hours assigned to this job undertaken to date

Billable Value

The value of this job if you were to undertake it on a do and charge (rates) basis

Total Job Value

The Total Job Value

Job Budget

The job’s Budget value 

Job Budget Hours

The total amount of Budgeted hours

Open PO Value

The value of open purchase orders on this job


To set which performance indicator you see head over the Business>Settings>Job & Task Settings>Job Pricing Bar. This will allow you to select which items you wish to see and hide across the account.

User access can then be managed at account level under Account Previleges (Business>Settings>Access Privileges) or within each Staff member’s permission settings under (Business>Staff>Individual User>Permissions)

Creation of Paid status for expenses

Another great request from our community is the ability to manually set Expenses to Paid. This request allows historical expenses to now be removed from your unpaid expense calculations.

Users with correct permissions are now able to convert these expenses to Paid by selecting the Paid status from the Expenses More button.

When the Expense table is filtered by Paid status, these expenses will then appear.

Minor debugging within leave management

April was a great time to receive user feedback for processing leave payments, as we all scrambled to book our leave for Easter. We would like to thank our community, as your feedback has helped us to identify a couple of bugs when processing leave between QicWorks and Xero.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

May will see our development team continue to focus on your experience.

We love to hear your feedback, so if you have any niggly bugs, quick cheats or ideas on how we can automate or remove clicks within QicWorks, we would love to hear from you.

Works either in process or planned include:

  • Update our Companion App 

o  apply for leave

o  new timesheet interface

o  complete HSEC forms.

  • Complete overhaul of our Business Dashboards and reports to show more details weekly, monthly and yearly performance matrix
  • Addition of simple rostering tool & schedule updates

We are also looking at developing the following modules, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in an existing application that specialises in the following functions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

  • Complex Estimating Module
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Portal

Please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.


QicWorks is a job management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.


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