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QicWorks Global Release: December 2020

28.12.20 02:06 PM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

The QicWorks Team certainly saw 2020 go out with a BANG!

This month the team undertook an audit of our Procurement module to ensure we were able to capture our User needs.

As you may know, purchase orders are a great way to regain control over your spending. They are especially helpful for small business in maintaining their purchasing records for stock auditing, accurate job costings and positive cashflow. (Another handy feature of using purchase orders, as goods or services on purchase orders generally do not require payment up front.)

Being able to develop a flexible Job Management solution means that the team needs to provide a way in which Users are able to determine when they wish to commit their purchase order values to their jobs either at purchase order issue, bill date or bill and/or delivery docket date.

We are also excited to announce that QicWorks procurement now includes the ability to set markup at each purchase order item, one click final receipting, the release of expediting and commitment comparison reports, as well as the ability to archive old purchase orders.

Not only has the procurement module had a bit of a birthday, but December also saw the deployment the following enhancements:

  • Graphical representation of Task Categories - Cost & Timing
  • Job Costing Ledger for accurate historical reporting
  • Removal of non-billable values from invoice outstanding totals
  • Ability to change Job Status on Job Management Table
  • Crisp user interface throughout

After high praise from Xero in relation to our ability to seamlessly integrate, our other big announcement in December is that QicWorks is now officially in the Xero App Marketplace. Check out all the details or leave us a review at https://apps.xero.com/au/search/app/qicworks

Procurement Updates

Every business is different! Yet every QicWorks account owner is the same in wanting a flexible digital Job Management solution - especially when it comes to controlling their business spending.

Control When You Capture Purchase Order Costs

QicWorks is now able to allocate expenditure to your Jobs at either purchase order issue date, bill date or bill and/or delivery docket date.

Head over to Business>Settings>Cost Reporting from the Cost Management Menu to set up how you wish to report your Job costings, at account level. While QicWorks does allow administrators to change this setting at any time, we do not recommend that you do, as your historical job management data will not be recalculated. (Any change will only effect new purchase orders going forward.)

And naturally, as we love flexibility, QicWorks also has the ability to

A.  Override the committed value, as well as

B.  Track historical changes.

The committed value is then shown within your Actual, Billable and Edit Billable Cost Reports.

Markup at Individual Line Item

Being able to prepopulate and (if required) then override the markup value of each line item within your purchase order was yet another great feature suggested by our QicWorks community.

QicWorks will now pull the allocated percentage markup for Purchases, as set for the WBS selected, from your job financials. QicWorks will then prepopulate the purchase order item markup value.

Naturally, you can then override this amount manually entering your value and saving.


Note: The saved markup is then used to calculate the billable value for this purchase.

One Click Final Receipting

We know there are instances when delivery dockets or bills were not received for goods, or users are looking a quick way to goods receipt all items on their orders. So, the team got thinking about how we can create a one click final receipt.

Simply open the specific Issued purchase order, click on the More button and selected Final Receipt.

From here, QicWorks will auto calculate the remaining items to be received on the order and prepopulate your final receipt. Simply enter or correct your document references, upload any attachments and click Received. Your order has now been received in full.

Note: As this is a final receipt, the quantity received fields cannot be overridden.

Expediting & Commitment Reports

To have control of your spending – you need visibility. QicWorks users now have that visibility through the creation of our Expediting (itemised list of outstanding items by purchase order) and Commitment Reports (compare order values with billed values.)

Both reports can be run at job or account levels. Simply head over to Business>Reports and select Expediting or Commitment reports from Business Reports menu.

Archive Purchase Orders

December saw the dev team review and update QicWorks Purchase Order statuses. Now Purchase orders can have the following statuses:

Draft:  The Purchase Order is in draft mode and has not been released to the Supplier yet, and the costs have not been assigned to your Job Costings.

Issued:  The Purchase Order has been issued to the Supplier to fill.

Receipt:  A Delivery Docket or Bill has been entered against this Purchase Order.

Closed: The Purchase Order has been closed. Users can no longer create new Bills, Delivery Dockets or Credit Notes for this order.

Archived:  The Purchase Order is removed from all financial reports.


To Archive a Purchase Order, click on the More Button and select Archive.


Graphical representation of Task Categories - Cost & Timing

In November we released Task Categories, but December saw them take on a whole new look – graphically. Now Users can review their costs by Task Categories within the Job Categories Report, and

Within the Job Category Timeline, where you can see on what day specific task costs were incurred.

Job Costings Ledger for accurate historical reporting 

While QicWorks is all about flexibility, we know that our users also need to be able to compare past business performances. As such we have now introduced our Job Costing Ledger whereby QicWorks will collect and store daily your Budget, Estimate, Quoted, Rates, Actual, Billable, Invoiced and Job values, as well as your Job percentage complete, markup, overhead values and hours to date.

Any changes to these values made after the day to one of the day's transactions, will not be reflected within that date’s totals.

These details are then used to compile your Profit, Job Progress (Cost) and WIP (Work in Progress) Reports.

Removal of non-billable costs from invoice outstanding totals

Users may have also noticed that QicWorks will now separate any costs that were allocated to a WBS node that is marked as Non Billable, from the amount labelled as Outstanding for invoicing.  Access to this information is via the Job>Financial>Invoices page.


Ability to change Job Status on Job Management Table

September saw the release of the ability to change Tasks statuses, from within the Task View menu of a Job. This feature received such great feedback that the team decided to extend this ability to work within the Job Management Table.

Now users can change not only the Jobs status, but also the Tasks status and percentage completed for Tasks associated with that job, in one click. Simply click on the Jobs status name within the Job Management table to update and save.

Crisp user interface throughout

Users may have noticed that QicWorks has undergone a makeover that has allowed for column name standardisation, more slick looking tables, standardised buttons and flow. We have also included additional help features buttons including:

   – click to access out chat bot or knowledge base.

           - click to access specific page help from our knowledge base.

          - click to view tooltips (help information at field level) within that page.



Sneak Peek at Next Month

As we ease into 2021, January will be a much quieter month than November and December, as the team take a well-earned break. Don’t get us wrong! We will still be working hard to creating more innovative enhancements to help deliver a flexible Job Management solution. We will be working through the following list of features:

  • Invoicing features including ability to invoice progress complete, by WBS or overall
  •  Add Contacts (Suppliers & Customers) on the fly
  • Push invoice (debtor) credit notes to Xero
  • Continued roll out of system helpfiles and troubleshooting knowledge base

Please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.

QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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