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QicWorks Global Release: January 2021

01.02.21 03:26 PM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

Welcome to 2021!

I don't know about you but the QicWorks team and I loved the opportunity to take a break and celebrate the festive season. There is nothing better than spending some down time recharging your batteries, reflecting on the year that was and planning for the year that will be. We hope that you were also able to take some time out to escape and relax, ready to make 2021 bigger and better for your business.

As the team returns to work, we have been focusing our efforts on creating our Partner Portal, HSEC and Estimating modules. These modules are designed to further enhance our users QicWorks experience, remove the need for multiple systems, all while continuing to provide more flexibility when it comes to job management.

While January saw the team focus on the deployment of our partner portal and HSEC modules ready for beta testing, we were also able to release the following updates and improvements:

  • Heads Up Warning Bar
  • Release of help videos to appear on first 4 log ins
  • Applying a different mark up to purchases based on the job/task is charged
  • Ability to change a Staff Members’ Organisation
  • Delinking of quantity and unit value field so decimal rates can be set independently
  • Create Contacts ‘On the Fly’

Heads Up Warning Bar

Staying in touch with our QicWorks community is very important to the Team, and that is why we have released a “Heads Up” warning bar. This bar is visible on every screen within QicWorks and has been designed to quickly let Users know of any major code changes, planned outages, news and events.

Once read, simply click on the close cross to remove the bar.

This warning bar along with our Change log, Global Release blogs and personal contact are just some of the ways we committed to, to help us stay connected.

Creation of Help tutorials

To help new Users navigate around and setup their QicWorks accounts, we have developed a number of videos that will appear the first 4 times a User logs into their account. January saw the release of our first 2 videos, QicWorks overview and setup, with the view to continually roll out new tutorials each month.

Don’t worry if you missed these videos on your first 4 logins. They can be accessed any time by clicking on the help icon, then selecting Welcome Screen from the dropdown.

Markup on Purchases based on how Job/Task is charged

Many of our clients are looking at setting different markup rates for their purchases based on whether the works are quoted for or are on rates.

If your expense or purchase order is for a Quoted Job/Task, the markup value will be taken from the value entered at Purchases for that WBS node selected.

If your expense or purchase order is for a Rates Job/Task, then the markup value will default as per your Account Settings.

Remember you still have the flexibility to override the markup at line item level, with the last value saved being the rate applied to calculate your billable cost.

A great way to confirm that the correct markup has been applied is to review the Jobs Profit  or Edit Billable Costs report(s), before invoicing.

Ability to change a Staff Members’ Organisation

There may be times where a Staff member was initially employed by one organisation, to then have their employment transferred to your second organisation. Now you are able to change this staff member’s organisation within QicWorks, making payroll processing that much quicker. For full details, including when the change takes effect see: How do I change a Staff Members organisation?

Delinking Quantity from Unit Value

Prior to this release QicWorks only had the functionality to set the number of decimal points once for both Quantity and Unit Value fields. We have now decentralised this function so that Users can now set the number of decimal points they wish to capture independently for Quantity set with 4 decimals, and unit value only capturing 2 decimals.

Create Contacts ‘On the Fly’

There is nothing worse than when you find out that a Supplier, Customer or Lead has not been created when you are halfway through setting up a Job or creating a Purchase Order or Expense. That is why QicWorks now has the ability to create your Contacts on the fly.

Simply click on the plus button located next to the contact field within these three (3) components, enter in the relevant details and save. Your new contact is not only added to your document, but your Contacts Management table has also been updated to include their details.

Beta Testing of Partner Portal

Our partner poral will enable our partners to create, manage and access their clients account securely from the one interface. Partner Account Owners will be able to also manage their team’s access and training requirements, earn and review their rewards status and manage their clients’ subscriptions. For full details on the benefits of becoming a QicWorks Partner or to sign up to our FREE program simply head over to https://qicworks.com/partner.html

Beta Testing of HSEC Module

The HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Community) module includes event and injury management components which will help your safety representatives capture and track actionable items. It also comprises the top 6 commonly used safety forms in digital format – 5 Whys, Take2, JSEA, Hazard/Risk, Task Analysis and Injury Investigation. This module will allow businesses to record and run their safety statistics alongside their job management.

While January saw the team deploy the working forms, February will see the roll out of the captured data populating the KPI and Metrics tables, as well as having added functionality to print and share your forms.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

While the core functionality of QicWorks is now set the coming months will see the team working feverishly on the following enhancements:

  • Continue improvements within our HSEC and Partner portals
  • Creation of our Estimating module
  • Continual deployment of Help files, troubleshooting knowledge base and tutorial videos to help our community with their QicWorks Journeys.

Please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.


QicWorks is a business management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today  to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

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