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QicWorks Global Release: June 2021

30.06.21 08:12 AM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

With the end of financial year rushing towards us in Australia, the support team at QicWorks have been head down ensuring our new accounts are set up, with users fully trained, ready to hit the ground running come 1 July.

Coincidentally the EOFY provided the perfect opportunity for the team to dive deeper into how we onboard our users – ensuring more simplicity, speed and above all flexibility. One such item identified for improvement was the accessibility and flow of our cost management menu items.  Users will now see that they are able to step through their cost setup faster, as well as comprehensively navigate between menu items. This flow change has seen onboarding times reduce by 15%.

This was not the only small change users may have noticed within QicWorks. As I mentioned in our May Global Release, this month the QicWorks team were focusing on user feedback and identified niggly bugs, so that together we can make your job management that much easier.

As promised, here is my list of minor changes deployed this month:

  • Ability to select multiple ‘random’ days to copy tasks to in your rosters and non-working day setup. (Instead of selecting connected first date/last date.
  • Ability to pull categories from MYOB
  • Creation of a new report showing job values and percentage complete v’s invoiced to date values. This report is accessible from your Job Management and can be filtered by job creation date as well as job statuses. (You can even create an invoice direct from this interface by clicking on the invoice icon – talk about a great time saver!)
  • Inclusion of a reply to email address and functionality for purchase orders, expenses, bills and invoices sent from QicWorks
  • The ‘pushed’ icon now showing green when connection event was successful and red for unsuccessful events within your purchase orders, bills, expenses and invoice management tables
  • Ability to prepopulate description, unit of measure, unit price and supplier based on material code entered within purchase orders and expenses.

If this wasn’t enough, June also saw the development team deploy the following:

  • Invoice creation flow change
  • Material standardisation

Invoice Creation Flow Change

We noticed that some account owners were creating an unusually large number of zero value invoices. To rectify this, we have now changed our invoice create flow so that your invoice number is allocated when you save the document, instead of preloading.

Once your invoice data is entered and your document saved you will return to view mode. From here simply click on edit to manually amend/override your invoice number, if applicable.

Material Standardisation

User will notice that we have now standardised our screens and data collected when creating ad hoc, assigning, booking or importing  materials. This change has been implemented site wide and is not reliant upon whether you have activated your inventory module or not.

QicWorks allows users to assign (allocate materials to a job without committing their costs,) book materials (physically used items with their costed committed to the job) and create/purchase ad hoc materials.

Material can be assigned to a task or task template on creation within the webserver. Materials are then booked or added ad hoc to the job via the companion app’s Shift Reports or webserver Shift Report or direct to the Task when in edit mode.

We have also included the ability to bulk import assigned materials to your Tasks. This import will store the materials costs details separate to your pricing tables and is handy if for those once off purchases required to perform a specific job.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

We are super excited to announce that our companion app is currently undergoing a major upgrade and is due for release in the coming months.  We can’t wait to show you all, as this release is jammed packed with new features, as well as a really cool UI that makes navigating the app even easier than it already is.

Included in this upgrade is the ability to:

o  Chat feature between website and app users including push notifications, as well as website to website users.

o  Assign and complete forms allocated to specific jobs

o  Accept shifts and view rosters within app

o  Timesheet update, including the ability to book materials.

o  Task Timer

o  In app document library

o  Health and safety audits

o  In app help

o  Leave requests 

o  Inventory – Picking lists, stock takes and material check-outs for jobs

Please note these upgrades will require a complete uninstall and new install on both iOs and android, but we will let you know when this is required, closer to time.

We also envisage undertaking the following works within the QicWorks hub:

  • Updating our Job List report so you can keep on top of staff interactions and deliverables.
  • Giving account owners the ability to activate and deactivate their own QicWorks modules.

As always, we love feedback (both good and bad) so please keep it coming.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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