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QicWorks Global Release: March 2021

31.03.21 10:03 AM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

What a month March has been!

As I mentioned in our February Global Release the dev teams have been flat out creating our HSEC (Health Safety Environment and Community) and CRM (Customer Relation Management) modules and I am super excited to announce that both modules are now live.

One of our key goals at QicWorks is to remove the need for multiple applications to run your building and construction business. We know that by having your team connected on the one platform for all things job and safety related is imperative to help your business scale and that is why we have pushed to release our latest modules in time for tender season.

As every business is different and the fact that we love offering our Users flexibility, we have decided that these modules will be offered additional to the QicWorks Job and Business suite. If you would like to know more about the price, power and functionality behind these modules, please do not hesitate to contact the team for full product details.

Now is certainly the time to impress your customers with QicWorks innovation and improvements, with the following enhancements released this month:

  • HSEC Module
  • CRM Module
  • Ability to have 2 x QicWorks organisations push to 1 x Xero account
  • Removal of business document status from pdf views
  • Style change for Permissions

Our other big announcement in March is that QicWorks is now officially in the MYOB App Marketplace. The Team is very excited to be able to work together with MYOB to help businesses streamline their job management from Estimate to Accountant. Find us at https://www.myob.com/au/apps/products/qicworks 

HSEC Module

Safety is at the forefront of every business and there is nothing better than having a fully integrated HSEC system working alongside your Job Management tools.

We have certainly made sure that the QicWorks HSEC module included the following smarts, to make your life easier:

  • Uses existing available job and staff data to prepopulate your forms
  • Functionality to digitally sign forms using QicSign and QA scanner technologies
  • Track safety KPI’s for Team members
  • Assign, monitor and close out outstanding actions and risks
  • Link Event, Injury and Incident Investigation forms for quick access

You might have noticed that since writing our Sneak Peek at QicWorks HSEC blog, the scope for our HSEC module grew to include the ability to create your very own Risk Audit forms (such as Take2 or 5x5,) with all identified risks automatically updating your Risk Register. We were also able to include an interactive dashboard so you can quickly access the latest completed forms, as well as see where the forms were physically completed (using GPS location technologies.)

The best news is that we have also created a digital JSA/SWMS.

For full details see our Qic-Series blog: HSEC Module or contact the team direct for a demo.

CRM Module

Not content to release one module this month, the dev team thought it would be fun to also release our QicWorks CRM.

As we engage with our community, one of the most requested modules we are asked for is a CRM system. Not the kind where you track every single cold call or email campaign ever sent, but the kind where you can follow viable leads, as they progress to wins. The QicWorks CRM system is also the starting point for our new estimating module and has been designed to track your lead communications and project values, as they progress through the sales funnel. 

For full details see our Qic-Series blog: CRM Module or contact the team direct for a demo.

Ability to have 2 x QicWorks organisations push to 1 x Xero account

Functionality has now been added within QicWorks to have two (2) organisations push across to a single Xero account.  This flexibility is yet another time saving feature for our clients, who previously had to manually enter payroll data into Xero. This enhancement ensures they continue to have flexibility in how they capture and report their Job costings.

Removal of business document status from pdf view

Another great piece of customer feedback we received this month was to remove the status 'icon' from our business documents when in pdf view. This now means that when you send a copy of our invoices, purchase orders, delivery dockets, expenses or credit notes to a supplier or customer, they will no longer see that the document is ‘draft’, ‘issued’ etc

Style change for Permissions

We have had to implement a style change to the UI that is used to set account and staff level permissions as Google deployed formatting changes to their code base. This change should not directly impact any accounts, but if you have noticed that some permissions have changed for staff members, you will need to reset them.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

Lucky Easter is around the corner, as the QicWorks team will need all the sugar they can get to help complete the following projects.

  • Inventory Module (ability to enter max/min, bin locations, contract details to report and track stock levels)
  • Update our Companion App

o  apply for leave

o  complete HSEC forms on the go

  • Review of Leave Management
  • Provide more insights from our Business Dashboard 
  • Continue working on our Estimating Module

During the development of the above works we would love to hear your feedback, improvement ideas or even ‘curly’ problems you would love solved. So, please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.


QicWorks is a job management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today to see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.


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