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QicWorks Global Release: May 2021

07.06.21 01:06 PM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

One of QicWorks key goals is to help businesses easily access and understand their profitability, so they can focus on winning the right work. 

This month saw the team’s attention turn to the quoting component within our core product, to see how we can further enhance your experience. As part of this task, we were looking at how we can improve your existing pricing data, remove duplication and provide more flexibility, so you can create more beautiful quotes and estimates. We have also released additional functionality such as the ability to create kit items, show or hide quote item details, as well as highlight which products or services are providing you with the most amount of profit.

We love connecting with our community and receiving product feedback. It was during these conversations that our sales and support teams were able to identify an increase in demand for a simple rostering tool that effortlessly manages staff availability with their works requirements. In response, the development team have now created a new QicWorks Rosters – a Roster at Job level and a Roster at Task level.

These rosters further complement our Job Schedule (Gantt chart that includes the ability to manage critical paths, milestones and auto-scheduling,) Task Planner (high level Job and Task roster) and Assigner tools.

Improvements to our quotes and rosters were not the only items our team have been working on. Other highlights for the month of May include:

  • Ability to filter your Job Management table by Job & Task tags
  • Inventory Module Enhancements
  • Business Overview, WBS Report and Business Metrics Dashboard Review

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Quote Enhancements

We love being able to deliver process flows that remove duplication yet provide the flexibility you need to create beautiful, professional and more importantly accurate quotes and estimates.

The quoting feature within our core product has been packed full of functionality including the ability to show or hide your quote details, compile kit items (ideal for merging labour and material costs into the one item,) include costs for items that will be purchased specifically for this job or choose between quoting or estimating formats.

QicWorks quotes can also be converted to a job or cloned to be used as a template, at a click of the button.

Naturally, our reports then detail and compare your estimated values with your Job’s actual values, so you know exactly where you are making your profit.

Inventory Module Updates

Since its release in April, the QicWorks Inventory Module has had some further enhancements made. Users may have notice that now they are able to set minimum order quantities, which will order items in bulk and then automatically revert stock levels to units upon receipt. (This is a great feature when you order bolts in 1 pack of 100 units but allocate 20 units to a job at a time.)

You may have also seen that our picking lists are now able to rollup/group like items together based on their description or bin locations, so that you can save time when picking materials ready for the job.

Job & Task Tags 

Having the ability to access and filter your job data, your way is just another great feature of QicWorks. Did you know that now your Job Management table can be filtered to show any jobs that contain your selected job and task tags? We have even included the ability to compare your data by selecting multiple tags.

Job Roster & Task Roster

The timing of works and allocation of staff is always susceptible to change. Change in durations, change in priorities and change in availability of work fronts or staff. As such, we know that our rostering tools need to be have the ability to up be updated fast to capture, update and communicate these changes.

QicWorks have now split our Task Planner into two (2) super easy and highly visible rostering tools. The first is a roster that shows your works at Job level only and the second details your works at Task level.  These two rosters are dynamic and are not linked to your Job Management, Job Schedule or Task Planning tools within QicWorks.

This scope of development works included the ability to:

  • Add free text content to your SMS/Email notifications.  
  • Select individual jobs or use the Job Status filters to choose jobs based on their status.
  • Link your Rosters with your scheduled non-work days and approved leave dates.
  • Copy details from one task and apply it to multiple days.
  • Create teams and assign staff to those teams. (Staff can even be assigned to multiple teams.)

o  First, create your Team names. Simply head over to Business>Staff>View Team>Add New Team

o  Then, assign individual staff to the team either by editing their Staff profile (Business>Staff>Select individual>Edit Profile) or use the drag and drop component within View Team. (Business>Staff>View Teams>Assign Staff to Teams)

Business Overview, WBS Report and Business Metrics Dashboard Review

We were able to undertake a complete overhaul of our Business Overview, WBS Report and also create a Business Metrics dashboard. QicWorks will now capture operational statics nightly to help you identify trends and investigate performances on a weekly, monthly and basis.

For more details about QicWorks Business Analytics see our blog: Unleash the Power of Business Dashboards


Sneak Peek at Next Month

June will see our development team continue to focus on your experience, those niggly bugs and quick cheats we all love that will automate and remove clicks.

Area highlighted for review include:

    • Cost Management Flow
    • Standardisation of our materials screens
    • Optimise our report load speeds
    • Companion app updates
    • Continual improvements to our API connections with Xero and MYOB

Please continue to keep your feedback coming, has it helps us to not only continually improve our product but to help drive success and growth within your business.


QicWorks is a job management solution that has been designed to manage complex rate structures, across multiple entities and worksites, all from the one account. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.

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