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QicWorks Global Release: November 2021

20.01.22 11:00 AM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

We are excited to announce that November saw the beta release of our final module - Asset Management.


Now QicWorks users can keep on top of where their plant and equipment is at any time, know when compliance inspections and servicing are due, as well as undertake audits or transfer plant between users and jobs – Everything you need to manage your equipment from acquisition to disposal.


We were also able to release the following features, this month, to help make job management that much easier for our users: 

    •  Booking Materials Flow Change including new Material & Stocktake Reports
    • Opening Balances
    • QR, Barcode & RFDI codes added to Inventory & Asset Modules
    • Business email address
    • Schedule updates


Asset Management

Having an Asset management module as part of your job management platforms provides you with a centralised place in which you can track, manage, maintain and ensure compliance of all your plant and equipment. 

QicWorks Asset Management module includes:

  • Asset Register – Choose from over 60 fields to build your own Asset register
  • Asset Location Reports – View the current location of your equipment by User or Job
  • Testing Register – A great visual tool to see when testing is due to expire
  • Capture QR, Barcode and RFID for quick identification
  • Automated Notifications – Set when you want to be advised of expiration dates
  • Asset Audits – Users will be able to create their own Audit Questions sets and then complete them in the field via our mobile app. {Available in upcoming app release}
  • Transfer Assets amongst the Team – Assign and track who has equipment from the website or companion app. {Available in upcoming app release}
  • Ability to bulk upload your data.
  • Asset Documentation - Upload your warranties, parts lists, operations manuals and more.


Beta testing of our Asset module will allow us to gather further feedback for possible future works such as the inclusion of a comprehensive Testing & Tagging Questionnaire and ability to link freeform Digital forms direct to your Asset.


To find out more about how activating the QicWorks Asset management Module can help you regain control of your plant and equipment, read our blog: Take your asset management to the next level


Booking Materials Flow Change including New Material & Stocktake Reports

With the upcoming release of our new companion app, the development team undertook an audit of how QicWorks captures, displays and measures material usage against your jobs.


This audit led to the removal of the temporary “Add Material” button that was available on the selected Job’s Edit Billable Report.


Booking Materials

In the Desktop, Users are now able to Book Materials direct to the Job’s Tasks by clicking on the Add Material menu item, visible when that Task is in Edit mode.  (Note: There have been no changes made when booking materials via the Shift Report.)


Here Users are presented with three options:

1.  Book Materials from items already Assigned to the Task

2.  Book Materials from Stock. Here you can allocate materials that are listed in your Pricing Lists

3.  Book a completely new Stock Item. Simply enter in your material details and select if you wish to include this material in your Pricing tables for future use, of if you wish to invoice the customer for this purchase.


Materials Report

When materials are booked to a Job/Task either via the desktop or our new app, you will be able to see stock movements within your Material Report.



Here Users will be able to see:

1.  Submissions – The specific form/data details for booking that material either via the desktop or app

2.  Assigned Materials – Detailed list of which materials have been assigned to the Job, and

3.  All Materials – A historical list of all materials movements.


This report can be viewed at Job Level (for all material movements within the Job) or at Task Level (for material movements associated with that Task only.)


Stocktake Report

QicWorks captures and documents stock on hand via a Stocktake report.  The Stocktake Report details the changes to stock data (ie quantity, bin locations, upload images etc) and is captured via the companion app.


Stocktake Reports are accessible via the Inventory Dashboard.


To be able to use this feature, accounts must have the Inventory Module activated and have downloaded our new companion app which is due for release soon.


Opening Balances

Do you have open Jobs that you need to transfer to QicWorks? No problem. User are now able to set Opening balances within the Job’s Financials.


Simply create your Job, head into the Job’s Financials, open the Edit Billable Report and click on the Opening Balance button



QicWorks will then prompt you to enter your existing Actual (buy) and Billable (Sell) values, allocated by Resource, Materials or Purchases, and how you would like the costs to settle; either against the Job’s Task or direct to your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


QR, Barcode & RFDI codes added to Inventory & Assets

In preparation for our up coming app release, the development team have also updated our Inventory and Asset item UI to include the ability to capture and identify your stock, plant and equipment through the use of QR, Barcodes and RFDI codes.


This functionality will help expedite equipment identification, stocktakes, asset transfers and materials used.


Business email address

We are excited to announce that QicWorks now has the ability to add a second (business) email address to a Users’ profile. This feature is great when Users have time data sent to your accounting software that uses their personal email address, but also have a business email for procurement, invoicing or general business-related correspondence sent from QicWorks.


Note: A Users personal/payroll email address is still their primary email and is required for log in.


Schedule updates

We have been able to make a couple of updates to our Job Scheduling Tool.  QicWorks now includes the ability to:

  • Print your schedule as JON, PDF or as an Image.
  • Filter the schedule by Job Status
  • Small formatting patches – such as the inclusion of scroll bar, expand columns, accessing additional Job/Task details by double clicking.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

As we prepare for the festive season, the QicWorks Team will be adding the final touches to our companion app. We know the development of this app has been impacted by COVID and we thank you for your patience. We can’t wait to share it with you!

As many of you may know, we love hearing your feedback as it allows us to not only continually improve our product but also drive success and growth within your business.  Your feedback also helps us to schedule our development, which next month will include:

o  Release of the Asset dashboard

o  Investigate page loading speeds and review of data security

o  Release of more tutorial videos and help content.


Are you interested in a particular feature, have an idea or need support, why not drop us a line.


QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


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