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QicWorks Global Releases: October 2021

08.11.21 10:23 AM By Karen Parker

The Latest in QicWorks Innovation

October saw the team head back into development mode, as we continue to push ahead in preparation for the new release of our companion app. (And let me tell you - this thing really packs a punch, with so many great features designed to save administrative time for you and your teams.)

At QicWorks, our vision is to deliver a flexible business management platform to our users and our complementary companion app certainly includes some really awesome flexibility, such as the;

    • Ability to capture job photos or materials without having to complete a shift report
    • Allocate User permissions at app level
    • Create a single purchase order in the field for items, and assign the materials to multiple jobs
    • Use the latest in barcode and QR technologies to complete stocktakes in a click
    • Reassign assets to different users on the go
    • Allow external parties to digitally sign onto your custom forms
    • Submit leave requests, and
    • Use our inbuilt chat feature to stay in touch with the team.

We are also excited to announce that during October the team were able to release the following enhancements, designed to help you track your profitability with even more ease.

    • Profit Report – include or exclude Overheads in your Calculations
    • Set Quote Financials with a single screen
    • Customisable CRM fields
    • Improved font and Image sizing on Forms and business documents

Profit Report Enhancements

As we announced in September, we have now added the ability for Account Owners to set how they wish to calculate their Work In Progress, either based on the Total Job Value (including Overheads) or on Net Job Value (which is exclusive of Overheads).

This functionality has now been extended to our Profit Report. Found within our Detailed Reports section, the Profit Report will show you multiple jobs by customer, as well as each Job’s Quoted, Actual, Billable, Invoiced values, percent complete and profit based on invoice value. The first columns in this report show users the ‘Year to Date’ values, with the last three columns showing you the Actual, Billable and Invoiced total values for the date period selected.

To remove the overhead amounts from your Actual values (for both the Year to Date and Selected Period values) simply click the Actual Exclude Overhead checkbox. This checkbox is ‘isolated’ to this report and is not connected in any way to your selected WIP Calculation preference found in Business>Settings>Job & Task Settings.

Set Quote Financial with a Single Screen

QicWorks quoting component allows Users to create many itemised lines and then edit their final sell rates. To save on Job setup time, we then ask the User to allocate the sell rates to our financial categories (Resource, Materials and/or Purchases) as applicable.

We have now been able to release coding that allows Users to enter the financial details for each line item, all from within a single screen. Just another great time saving improvement suggested by our community.

Customisable CRM Fields

Who doesn’t love customisable fields?

Now CRM users can create and set your own lead statuses, process names and temperature ratings within the QicWorks CRM module.  (Another great idea suggested by our community, that the team have been able to implement this month.) Simply head over to the Settings menu within CRM, to enter in your own category names.

We have also added the ability to assign a lead to an individual or multiple users. Don’t worry, while the lead information may be ‘hidden’ from any undefined team members, it is still visible to the account owner.

Code enhancements have also allowed us to apply a title to a lead, making it easier to identify multiple leads that have been assigned to a single contact.

Improved Font and Image sizing

You may have noticed that your business logo and font sizes have increased on the pdf format of your business documents (purchase orders, expenses, invoices and quotes,) and your digital forms. We love feedback and this enhancement has been another valued suggestion, that we have taken on board from our QicWorks community.

Sneak Peek at Next Month

We are excited to announce that November will see the release of our new Asset Module. This module complements our job management component by allowing users to manage plant and equipment, direct from the worksite.

QicWorks Asset Management enables users to schedule and track plant maintenance, have their own test and tag register, transfer assets amongst team members, create their own equipment inspection checklists as well as compile a comprehensive Asset Register with the flexibility you want to capture the information you need.

Not only will we be able to release our Asset Module, but the development team are also busy working on the following concepts to help deliver the flexibility you need to run your business:

o  New Materials Report comprising a detailed list of materials assigned and used on a job.

o  Ability to enter a second email address for Users, which will show on business documents

o  Ability to push ABN numbers to Xero and MYOB when a new customer or supplier is created in QicWorks

o  Release of more tutorial videos and help content.

Please keep your feedback coming as it allows us to not only continually improve our product but also drive success and growth within your business.


QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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