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QicWorks vs simPRO

20.09.21 11:14 AM By Karen Parker

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Looking for a business management software application that can transform your business from paper to digital? Take the noise out of software marketing and read on to see how QicWorks features compare with simPRO.

simPRO is a software application targeted for field service industries such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, security and fire protection companies. This means that the simPRO companion app has been designed to complete a number of back-office functions from within the field such as quoting, create a new job, invoicing and payment processing. 

QicWorks on the other hand has been designed for construction, building, metal fabrication and site installation businesses, who are managing mobile labour teams.  We deliver the flexibility you need to easily handle piece rates, complex awards and EBA's, resource compliance and safety, all from the one platform. We use modular architecture so you can add modules to your solution to help scale your business. Having an agile development team means we can also incorporate additional functionality and customisations, giving your software application that personal touch in line with your business needs.


QicWorks core product is offered on a scaled monthly subscription basis, with a minimum of 10 active users per account. It also offers a 14 day free trial to help users determine suitability.

SimPRO pricing is available on application and they do not appear to offer any free trials. Archived internet searches show a monthly subscription fee of $129 per office user plus $39 for field worker access.
Starting from $195/month On Application

An active QicWorks user (staff member or contractor) is any person who has data collected about them. Redundant workers can be deactivated (ie their access is restricted and they are removed from the subscription fee, without the loss of their historical records.)

Like QicWorks, SimPRO does not restrict the number of users on their platform.
Multiple Organisations
Both applications allow for multiple organisations within the account however this service is available as a simPRO add on.
Permissions & Security

Both are cloud-based technologies with extensive security protocols.

simPRO sets user permissions at group level only, whereas QicWorks offers the flexibility to set user permissions at group, individual and mobile app access levels.
Use inbuilt quote builders in both the simPRO and QicWorks applications, for easy quote creation. Both applications also provide a digital template to help import external estimating data, as well as have the ability to create kit items (labour and materials.)

Easy one click job creation from quote is also available in both applications, with QicWorks able to invoice exactly as you quoted.

simPRO provides for in field invoicing with Stripe integration for onsite payment processing. You can also create reoccurring invoices within the application.

Both applications allow for manual payment processing, as well as automated payment updates pulled from your accounting software.

Both applications allow for your job expenditure to be pushed across to your accounting software for reconciliation.

Purchase orders can be created within simPRO webserver with approval workflows available for Enterprise customers, whereas QicWorks allows users to create Purchase orders from both the websever and mobile app.

QicWorks has a 2-step approval process for time processing prior to pushing timekeeping to your accounting software. QicWorks can also push piece rates, allowances and leave.

simPRO is an integration partner with TSheets. 
Job profitability & Status

simPRO has functionality to group jobs together whereby QicWorks uses its Work Breakdown Structure to collate job costs.

Both platforms have functionality to report job profitability, status and job progress.
Time Tracking
simPRO offers a clock on, off and pause function to create a timesheet and book time to a job.

QicWorks allows for time collection 4 ways, time clock (bundy clock for the workshop,) task timer (clock on/off/pause in mobile app,) timesheets (either group and individuals) and shift reports (day labour docket) formats.
GPS Tracking

QicWorks uses GPS technologies to time and location stamp any uploaded field documentation. It does not ‘live’ track staff or plant.

simPRO offers an add-on to track fleet movements. They do not track individual resources.

Scheduling is available in both applications in Gantt format with resources able to be assigned either as an individual or as part of a team.

simPRO is able to schedule resources based on their skill set where as QicWorks has in built warnings highlighting non compliant resources when they are assigned to a Task within our Job's component.

When it comes to mobility, both applications have in app notifications available advising of schedule change, as well as visualised work rosters.
Customer Portal

QicWorks does not currently have a customer portal however you do have the ability to share documents to stakeholders, including imagery from within the webserver and app.

The simPRO customer portal allows customers to view quotes, job status, images, billing statements and update their account details.

QicWorks safety module can be added to your subscription giving users the ability to take existing time and job data and automatically calculate TRIFR & LTRIFR, as well as assign personnel safety KPI’s.

There does not appear to be a dedicated safety module within simPRO.
Document Management
QicWorks allows users to add documents including drawings, procedures, media, video and correspondence to jobs tasks, which can be accessed via webserver and mobile app. 

simPRO allows users to store and access their documentation via Amazon servers.
Digital Forms

simPRO uses their eform add-on to create SWMS, JSA and QA audits. These audits can then be added as a mandatory requirement to a job, but customer reviews highlight a lack of flexibility around question creation.

Any form (not just SWMS or safety audits) created in QicWorks digital form module can also be added to jobs and tasks for completion. Our digital form builder uses no code technology to make form creation super easy for users.

Inventory is available in both applications with QicWorks providing it as an additional module. Both applications provide a cashflow snapshot, stocktake reports and easy purchasing.

QicWorks allows for stock transfers from your Inventory Job to unique jobs, whereas simPRO can transfer stock from the warehouse to van. simPRO also integrates with electrical supplier catalogue.
Asset Management

QicWorks Asset Management module is currently under construction but will include the ability to track equipment used on jobs.

simPRO Asset Management is able to manage, track and report which equipment items are allocated to vans, as well as their maintenance history through the use of QR and barcode scanners.
QicWorks offers a light-weight CRM solution as a module to capture and track lead generation, communications and preload contact details. This feature does not appear to be available in simPRO.

simPRO manages staff compliancy through their employee card, with expiration notifications and matrix reports. This feature is only available for Enterprise customers.

QicWorks also offers this feature in their Training Module. Here you have all the above functionality, as well as the ability to create and manage your own inhouse competency courses.
Both applications are available in Android and Apple formats, with online and offline capabilities.

simPRO allows users to create their own invoice pdf templates, where as QicWorks has business document templates flagged for development in 2022.

QicWorks does allow for the creation of job and task templates. A great time saver when it comes to creating reoccuring jobs or team assigned tasks.

Accounting integrations for QicWorks is via direct API integration to Xero and MYOB, whereas simPRO also partners with Quickbooks and Oracle NetSuite.

Both applications have access to other third party integrations.
Knowledge base
A detailed knowledge base, video help libraries, chat bots, and designated support teams are available for both products.

The Cool Stuff

Both applications allow for image annotation and digital signature capabilities.

QicWorks has an inbuilt chat feature allowing teams to communicate informally via the webserver, as well as the app.

simPRO also offers advanced add-ons such as SMS notifications, high level BI reporting, IoT tools and specialised GPS fleet tracking.

Comparison compiled September 2021

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QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to manage work fronts, safety, resource compliance and job profitability. QicWorks provides accurate real time field data giving you the confidence to make the right decisions. Contact us today see how QicWorks can transform how you do business.


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.   

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