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Top 4 Tips for Business Success in 2021

02.01.21 03:22 PM By Karen Parker

Our Top 4 Tips to Create Business Magic in 2021!

There certainly is a magic that comes with celebrating a New Year.

It truly is a special time of year where we are able to not only reflect on past events but to also celebrate all our achievements. Somehow the magic of New Year’s Eve provides us the power to deal with the year that was 2020, while at the same time filling us with hope and optimism for 2021.

I personally love this time of year, as it gives us all the time to stop, relax, renew our passions, and reinvigorate.

While I have no doubt that 2021 may still throw a few challenges at many small businesses, it will also offer opportunities for many more to thrive and grow. That is why the QicWorks team have compiled the following list of our top 4 tips to ensure 2021 is not only successful for you but also prosperous.

Plan with a Can-do Attitude

It all starts with a plan.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

New Years are notorious for providing team members with a renewed energy. So, it just makes sense to harness this energy and include everyone in the discussions when it comes to setting this year’s business goals. Having this extra perspective (not to mention direct operational insight) often leads to opportunities and ideas that may not have been thought of before. Ideas that not only increase productivity but ultimate profitability. It also provides an opportunity for staff to take ownership of their ideas, to feel value as part of the team and pride in knowing they helped shape the business.

By breaking down barriers between management and staff or across different departments enables a safe environment and the freedom for individuals to offer up new ideas. It can also encourage an entrepreneurial mindset or point of view that looks to seek out and convert every opportunity.

These brain storming activities can also be used to reconfirm you have the right people in the right place.

Now that you have these great ideas they should be recorded, clearly communicated, given time frames to be completed in, even be assigned as KPI’s to specific team members, and reviewed to measure success.

Stay Connected

The COVID pandemic has certainly shaken up how many businesses operate. Regardless of whether they have moved to social distancing, contactless deliveries or working from home, many business processes have had to adapt and fast!

As we all dispersed to isolate, now more than ever we need to stay connected.

Connect with your Team

 Whether your teams are onsite, working from home or returning to the office in 2021, collaboration and communication are key to a successful business.

Connect with your Customers

Create an emotional connection and listen for changes in their buying behaviours, see exactly how they are using your product or service, learn from their feedback and offer product enhancements or rewards to retain existing clientele.

Connect to your Brand

Having a strong brand creates strength in your business. Brands are used to help customers recognise and remember leading businesses.  They also reflect who you are and what your business stands for.  They help build confidence by letting your customers know that you are in control, not only now but for many years to come.

Connect with your Networks

Seek out mentors, business chambers, industry bodies or even create your own communities that provide a safe (and confidential) platform for support. These platforms are great ways to not only flush out upcoming work opportunities or provide recommendations for your services but also offer support and guidance for any problems you may be experiencing in your journey.

Invest in Innovation

2020 has certainly seen the need for business to adapt to new digital technologies to help streamline the delivery of their products and services. Creating a business that fosters innovation provides businesses not only with the agility to adapt to change, but to pivot or scale fast to meet demand.

Cloud based technologies are a great way to stay connected, as they you and your team to access your information from anywhere, at any time.

Perhaps 2021 will see you review your company T&C’s, update your website or create a blog to keep your customers informed, implement an ecommerce platform, digital job management system or logistic software to enable faster deliveries, add search engine optimisation (SEO) to your marketing plan to gain more visibility, or even reskill staff.

Innovation is a great way to show your customers that you are building your business for the future.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Take time out for yourself and your loved ones.  

Use this time of year to not only plan your business goals, but also your own personal goals. Look at ways to reduce the stress of running a business and instead take the time for long walks on the beach, barbecues with friends, playing with your kids or even taking up a hobby.

Make sure to surround yourself with positive people you can learn from.

With these tips in mind, let’s create your own business magic in 2021!

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