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Why Construction Workers Love Shift Reports

16.10.20 03:00 PM By Karen Parker

Digital Features you Need in your Shift Report

Not everyone can get to site on a daily basis, especially with current COVID restrictions limiting the number of personnel on site at any one time. So how do you keep informed of site developments and job progress, from the safety of your office.


The answer is quite simple - Shift Reports.


Shift reports (or as they are also commonly known - Site Diaries,) are able to offer insight into what has occurred on the job, on a daily basis.  Shift reports offer convenience as they can be started at the commencement of shift, updated during the shift and then submitted to the back office, at the conclusion of the shift.


Construction workers love Shift Reports as they are an easy way to provide up to date information to key stakeholders, about the day’s events. The best Shift Reports offer proactive and informative data that reduces the need (not to mention the time required) to carry out multiple prestart or handover meetings. Shift reports not only offer valuable insights into daily proceedings, but should it be required, evidence of events during the finalisation of project claims or legal proceedings.


Be in the Know!

Shift reports are a great way to improve communications between teams and shift or project management, not to mention keeping the client in the loop. They offer visibility about what costs have been incurred, (whether it is material, equipment or resource costs,) site conditions or constraints, highlight potential issues, delays or additional works or even document employee movements.


Previously shift reports were paper based manual tasks often preformed in triplicate, whereby a copy is issued either internally and/or externally, with a third copy ‘kept in the book’ by the originator. Today there are many different software providers providing digital shift reports for construction workers that have inbuilt smarts to help capture meaningful data.


Cool Tech

Digital shift reports allow for the inclusion of some rather fancy tech options that have been designed to engage and entice a user to capture more meaningful data. (Not to mention help minimise the time taken to complete a report.)


The best digital shift reports can be completed using your smart phone, allowing Supervisors to record data direct from site. When selecting your job management software make sure their Shift Reports can be completed on smart devices in both online and offline modes.  This means that your remote workers will still have the ability to enter data into their reports even in times of no or intermittent signal.

 Example of a QicWorks Shift Report

Dropdowns and checkboxes on shift reports are great time savers. Many digital shift reports can also incorporate voice to text functionality, capturing images and then annotate them, auto populate site locations by using the devices GPS and even capture the clients authorisation for works via a digital signature pad.


Selecting multiple resources, entering a ‘standard’ start/end time and duration, autofill this data through your report and then edit individuals by exception, is also another great time saver for construction supervisors.


Some digital shift reports also have inbuilt functionality to show only the relevant jobs for that person, saving you from information overload!


Tools that Automate

Having a digital shift report can take your data to the next level.


Digitisation allows for automation and inbuilt smarts that use the works percentage complete and achieved milestones data to then automatically update and auto schedule your job or project gantt chart. You can also share your shift reports with external stakeholders direct from the field for real time notification.


Digital Shift reports can also be automatically attached as supporting documentation to your invoices, helping to reduce invoice approval time.


Shift reports are a great communication tool that keep everyone in the know. They help keep you up to date with site developments, can automatically update work schedules and help you get paid faster.


Shift reports help to empower your mobile workforce to operate safer, faster and more efficient than ever before.

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The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions

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